Why do we need to talk about cannabis in a radically transparent and open way?

Because the world has changed and an accelerated change to more sustainable consumption is needed. Don’t imagine that we’ll whisper this out.

Why should cannabis gaggers be allowed to gag freely?

The cannabis inflorescence is the most valuable part of the plant. Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the world. It’s exactly the same as what you think some people want to use it for.

Should money on cannabis continue to be given to criminals?

Although, on the other hand, legal cannabis could generate significant tax revenues, which can be directed e.g. construction of schools. In addition, we could help drug users with CBD products, as well as meaningful crafts by activating them. At the same time, we would get more organic products from hemp and anything good with money and economic growth can be achieved.

Promote the change you want to see.

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