Cannabis is a threat to society. If plant utilization is not regulated in harmony.

The cannabis industry and utilization is growing and expanding globally, but in Finland it is attempts are made to prevent misuse. Better interaction and solutions are needed.

Our job is to find ways and work together to find harmony.

Although we speak boldly about cannabis. We offer and focus only on promoting the utilization of completely legal and drug-free Cannabis sativa products.

If our site arouses opposition or inspiration in you, then contact us. Interact with a better place than the earth.

Cannabis Info

More cannabis knowledge and awareness of cannabis use is needed to build a better place in the world through cannabis products. Be involved in social, ethical, and ecological change, that is, the cannabis revolution. On this page you will find condensed information on cannabis, CBD, THC, the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids, cannabis as medicine, food, fiber and biomaterial.
Cannabis - what is cannabis? Why does cannabis need to be regulated?


What is cannabis? Why does cannabis need to be regulated? What do we know about the history of cannabis? Is cannabis safe? How do cannabinoids in cannabis affect humans? What is the endocannabinoid system? Get to know and fall in love with cannabis.

Cannabis and cannabinoid-based medical field

Cannabis medicines

What are cannabis medicines and how do they differ from drug cannabis? What does cannabinoid-based medical field means and how will this affect drug science, as well as shift sick care toward health care?

Cannabis food and hemp food

Cannabis food

What is cannabis food? Why are we talking about cannabis food and not hemp food? What is the difference between raw cannabis and activated cannabis? What other food can you get from cannabis than edibles with THC or CBD? You can get answers to these questions from the cannabis food page.

Cannabis clothing - a better option

Cannabis clothes

What are cannabis clothing and why do we refer to cannabis clothing as hemp clothing? What kind of fabric can you get from cannabis and what are the properties of hemp fabric? Why is hemp a better and more durable option than flax? Read more about cannabis clothing and share this important information with your friends as well.

cannabis houses_hemp houses

Cannabis houses

Why should more cannabis houses, or hemp houses, be built? What are the properties of hemp concrete and why is it a more ecological and better alternative than ordinary concrete? Know more about hemp houses and build a home for yourself from cannabis.

cannabis plastic and hemp plastic are the same thing

Cannabis plastics

The earth is drowned in plastic that does not land. Why will cannabis plastics, or hemp plastics, save us? What is required to make more use of hemp plastic? Why does hemp plastic land? Read and learn more about hemp plastics. Be sure to tell others too!

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