Cansa’s mission is to make the world a better place for a cannabis product at a time


The Earth’s ecological carrying capacity is being tested. There is an urgent need for more ecological products. Cannabis is a carbon-negative raw material in arable farming for all major human commodities. Using more cannabis products enabled cannabis foods , cannabis clothing , cannabis houses , cannabis plastics and cannabis drugs accelerating utilization and thus building a better place on Earth.


Our mission is to promote cannabis consumption, research, availability, awareness and industry. We offer more better cannabis products and interactions from the utilization of the most diverse plant on earth. In addition, we want to promote the domestic cannabis industry and cannabis research, as well as reduce the stigma around cannabis by talking directly about cannabis in our Cannabis Radio podcast.



We want to grow into Europe’s leading provider of cannabis products, providing easy, reliable and fast access to high-quality cannabis products. At the core of our operations is expert and fast customer service, as well as radical open interaction. Promoting the cannabis industry and research, as well as discussing cannabis on cannabis radio, are other ways in which we raise awareness of cannabis use.

Our story

Cannabis entrepreneurship point 10 years. It all started with the desire to get humanity to make more use of hemp. Teached by the bankruptcy caused by the authorities, we are now wiser and more whole. Mission and goals prioritized and clarified, we build a better customer experience and offering step by step. With the help of lessons learned and tools from successes, we build a company, a community and cooperation to increase the sustainable well-being of cannabis in Finland.

Cansa Reconnecting People

Cannabis is the most versatile and valuable useful plant on earth. Harnessing cannabis to promote the sustainable well-being of humankind is already taking place on a large scale around the world.

However, there is still a great deal of ignorance in Finland about the true potential of the plant. Locked-in attitudes do not change with mere information, but posture and reorganization are needed.

Cansa’s mission is to connect people to use, interact and act responsibly to promote cannabis use.

Everyone can contribute to the wider use of cannabis.

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Cansa - Reconnecting People - Promoting the cannabis industry

Cansa cannabis entrepreneurs

Two passionate cannabis entrepreneurs are systematically looking for more agents and messengers to promote the utilization of the most wonderful plant on earth. If you are also interested in promoting cannabis use, get in touch. Together, make the planet a better place by increasing cannabis utilization.

Jaakko Myllyniemi

Jaakko Myllyniemi

Cannabis entrepreneur and CEO



Cannabis expert and content producer

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