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How to use Cannabis sativa flavor extract oil products?
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Instructions for use of Cannabis sativa flavor extract

Just a few drops are enough.

Below are instructions for using Cannabis sativa flavoring to coffee or other hot beverages.

Apply a few drops of Cannabis sativa flavor directly to the tongue or under the tongue for a stronger feeling of freedom. Hold the drops under the tongue for 2-3 minutes to ensure a stronger effect.

How many drops

Beginners 2-4 drops
Users 4-8 drops
Experienced users 4-8 drops

Effect time

Let the Cannabis sativa flavoring taste affect the oral mucosa for 2-3 minutes until swallowed.

hot Preparation & purpose of the Bulletproof coffee 

The purpose of the bulletproof coffee lies in the synergistic effects of the cannabis sativa flavor extract and coffee, which give you a completely different direction for the day.

To make a bulletproof coffee, you need a bottle of Cannabis sativa flavor extract, a cup of coffee and high-quality fat.

You can also switch coffee to another hot drink. e.g Chaga tea or hot cocoa.

Effects of cannabis sativa flavor oil

Step 1

Brew your coffee (or chaga tea) in a pleasant way and look out the window in preparation for experiences of vigilance, freedom and joy.

Waiting for strong cannabis coffee

Step 2

Pour the coffee into a large cup and add 1 tablespoon of butter / mct oil / coconut oil. Add any other ingredients you need such as hemp milk.

Step 3

Add you favorite Cannabis sativa flavouring extract for vigilance, freedom and joy. 

Beginners 2-4 drops⎜Users 4-8 drops⎜Experienced users 8-12 drops

Enjoy a this amazing drink with greasy food and live alert, free and happy.


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